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inflo.Ai is the world’s first Hybrid Content Creation Platform. Our technology leverages the benefits of human and machine, allowing both to work together in harmony; amplifying your writing skills and collaborating with you to achieve productivity gains and digital results that previously would not have been possible. 

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The best of both worlds

As good as AI writing tools may be, there is still an element to copywriting that requires a human touch. We believe that it’s no longer either-or, you can choose both.
Our technology takes a hybrid approach to content creation, bringing out the best of AI generated copy while allowing room for your natural writing style to shine through.

done for you

Starting from scratch can feel daunting, but thanks to our AI-led keyword research, meta descriptions, content title suggestions and our human-collated bespoke Content Briefs, your days of staring at a blank page will be no more.
Our platform takes the strategising burden out of your hands, by ensuring all published content is exclusive, high-quality and targeted. Resulting in more visitors, an increase in qualified leads and lower bounce rates. Leaving you more time to do what you love: create content.  

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Research & Plan: all in one place

It’s time to stop wasting time jumping between tabs, tools, docs and emails. inflo.Ai’s all-in-one platform streamlines the content creation process from start to finish.
Conduct research, plan content and schedule your content for publishing all in one place. Say hello to smooth collaboration, no matter the size of your team.

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Write: stay ahead of the algorithm

Keeping ahead of the constant search engine algorithm updates is becoming near impossible.
Thankfully our SEO Scanner allows you to ensure your content is fully optimised, and in line with the most recent SEO best practices, at the click of a button. Now you can effortlessly optimise every post and publish with confidence.

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Track: follow metrics that matter

With so many vanity metrics, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. inflo.Ai’s tracking capabilities mean you can break down your key metrics and understand what’s important to know your ROI. Enjoy clearer measurability of your organic channels with ease.

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