Case Study: Stakester

"As a startup, it’s important to be agile and Inflo allows us to be just that. We’re a content-first department, and it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the time-sensitive articles that we create – in turn, we sometimes don’t pay our evergreen cornerstone content enough attention.

inflo helps us get around that by providing quality Content Briefs that go on to rank organically on Google, boosting our monthly visits. Being given a full Content Brief, including a preset title, keywords and potential points to include, means we save hours in research and planning. Our usual blogs take around a day to complete, but inflo Briefs can be turned around in a matter of hours, which frees up time which we otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Overall inflo are great to work with, they are always flexible and endeavour to meet the demands of our dynamic startup.” - Jordan, Stakester.

Key Metrics

61% increase in dwell time
55% improvement  in organic traffic
10% higher pages viewed per session

"we save hours in research and planning time." - Jordan, Content Strategist, Stakester

We’ll supercharge your content creation, but don’t just take our word for it…

"I don't mind editing and adding but writing from scratch is tough work - inflo.Ai takes that pain away."
Claire Brooks
Betty Brooks Design
"inflo.Ai is an amazing tool for content creation and the research functionality is so helpful - we would be lost without it now."
Megan James-Dare
"I used to spend all my brain power on figuring out what to write. Now I can just write!"
Holly Pittaway
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