Case Study: Sales for Startups.

Sales for Startups are a B2B sales consultancy who work with ambitious founders and startups to build successful sales operations. Since 2019, they have seen phenomenal increases in organic search traffic, leads generated and revenue as a direct result of using inflo.Ai.Their blog, where they share the most valuable sales strategies and industry-relevant content, has become their main driver of quality traffic. In the first 4 months of using inflo.Ai, Sales for Startups saw their domain ranking score increase from 8 to 24. However, the results haven’t stopped there...

In 2019 their organic search traffic via SEO content increased by 117%, followed by 204% for 2020. This has led to them doubling their leads generated and an 114% increase in revenue, all attributed to organic search and their SEO content.

Getting Content Marketing right brings undeniable benefits, which Sales for Startups have been able to enjoy, thanks to inflo.Ai.

Key Metrics

204% increase in organic search traffic
100% increase of leads generated
114% increase in revenue attributed to organic search

"These are not vanity metrics. Using inflo.Ai pays for itself." - Alex, Head of Marketing, Sales for Startups

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