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We’re on a mission to allow people to prosper based on their expertise and passions, not just their budgets.

With big-budget competitors spending a fortune on internal content creation, SEO consultants and creative agencies, and with search engines forever changing their algorithms - we understand how hard it can be to rise through the rankings.

We can relate to the temptation to rush things, to spend less time optimising for SEO, for the sake of getting content out there. But lest you give into that temptation as you know that any compromise on quality will impact results. What’s the use of creating content if your target audience isn’t going to see it? That’s why, 6 years ago, our founder Adam set out to solve this problem.

After consultations and conversations with hundreds of businesses, inflo.Ai was born: an all-in-one-platform to research, plan, write and track your content marketing. For us here at inflo.Ai it’s not just about maximising value, we’re making the digital world a fairer place for all. A place where people prosper based on their expertise and passions, not their budgets.  Where users can access exceptional content and where SMEs can have the same impact as FTSE100 companies.

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